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Discussion in 'macOS' started by revenuee, Aug 16, 2007.

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    I feel that I might be confusing the situation and i'm at a road block with my progress.

    I'm working within a major network that is administered by the University.

    Our Corporation is assigned IP addresses within the central network and we administer our own network.

    second -- because the Corporations network is Windows based, our IT person has no understanding of OS X and Apple computers.

    One of the departments that we run is a newspaper --- because it is Apple based, It exists as a micro network -- It has it's own server, printer, and terminals.

    however, although the network is self administered, it still uses the IP addresses assigned by the central university administration.

    Usually, network printers run through IP in all other networks.

    BUT, as i sit here trying to assign ip addresses to terminals from a list of ip addresses assigned to this department, i can account for all computers EXCEPT the printer.

    NOW, inorder to connect to the printer, i sit down at each computer and using the printer utility the printer is identifed on appletalk.

    does that mean that it is bypassing the standard IP addressing -- or am i missing something?
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    Yes, if you access the printer by Appletalk you are bypassing IP entirely.

    You can usually force a configuration page to print from the printer front panel, which will give you its network status and IP address if it is an IP printer and TCP/IP is turned on.

    Coulpla other tidbits. Some older Apple laser printers (LaserWriter Pro 600 and earlier IIRC) are not IP-able. Some network routers do not pass AppleTalk -- particularly wireless routers.
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    Wouldn't the University have already assigned a fixed IP for the printer even though it's for the mac lab?
    Speaking of that, do you have permissions to that printer?

    Some shots in the dark but all networked printers at my university are controlled by the head tech department, even if they are in smaller labs that are run by run person.
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    A place where i am supreme emporer
    Thanks Canada Ram -- it's a fairly new printer

    HP 5100 series laser printer (one of the large/fast laser printers that does 11 x 17 printing

    killerrobot -- I work in a corporation that is completely seperate from the university, we are the Students Union Inc. ... we ride the network backbone though ... but we are seperatly staffed, we run our own businesses on campus that have NOTHING to do with the university, they provide services FOR students - although we have a relationship with the University ... we are not the same thing. but all our assets are OUR assets not the universities

    and like i said ... the newspaper is mac based and our IT people have no mac knowledge ... being that the newspaper was my department last year before i took a VP positon ... i do what i can -- the guy that set up the network for me last year worked with me, so he's going to help me, and my successor working ... but i had a few questions first

    so ya, i have permission ... i just approoved the purchase of a large format printer for our design shop --

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