Appletv 3 stutters but only in the smithsonion channel


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May 25, 2010
Ohio, USA
I love watching the smithsonion channel on my appletv, but it seems to stutter sporadically, dropping the frame rate but keeping picture quality. It looks like those old stop-motion christmas movies. Eventually, it looks normal again, but this cycle occurs tens of times during each special and it's infuriating.

The appletv is hard wired into a 4th gen AirPort Extreme with a 40mbps cable connection that is only used for surfing when I am watching the appleTV. The new modem, and Arris, does show constant activity in the LAN side, even with all devices turned off. It weird, but I'm assuming glitchy firmware. The gateways NAS is disabled, as is its internal wireless.

Any ideas?
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