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Jun 4, 2011
Hi all,

I have three AppleTV 3s in my home and use streaming services in conjunction with my own iTunes home sharing library. My daughter recently got DisneyPlus and it’s cumbersome to use with the 3. I understand a new model might be out this year and the existing models are quite a bit more expensive than the 3 was at the time.

I am just well do the bells and whistles of the 4K stand up? I don’t have a 4K TV, but Siri integration would be a big selling point. If I tell Siri to find a show on Netflix or Prime or CBS (or Disney) does it work reliably? Do the in-show Siri requests (back up, what’d he say?) work reliably?


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Feb 9, 2009
WOW! The ATV3 has been a beautiful device for many years and I LOVED mine - I bought one or two for friends at Christmas :) But you'll absolutely L O V E the ATV 4K model. It's damn perfect in everyway. Sure wait for the new one but that may be September.
Siri implementation is beautiful on the ATV - from selecting a film or trailer to 'skip 30 seconds' or skip 7 minutes' She does it all instantly.

4K Dolby Vision iTunes films look insane in quality - but then i've never seen an iTunes HD film that looked bad in all of my years of buying iTunes film - 10 years.

I'd say that Apple TV is probably my joint favourite product along with my MacBook and then my iPhone.
I can't recommend it enough and for me, as my one and only media centre, it's truly perfect and stress free and doesn't demand any of my time to fix things etc etc. It just works and it does that rather beautifully. For me, it replaced in 2012 disc players & satellite boxes and I've never ben happier - everything works, everything is n one place and everything is multi platform - it fills my lifestyle 100%.

And the beauty is, once you upgrade, you can surprise a friend by giving them your spare ATV3 and they'll find pleasure in it too :) ATV Spreading the L O V E :)
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