AppleTV 64GB used only for Apps?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by raddison, Sep 9, 2015.

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    is the storage space on the new AppleTV, only used for Apps? Or is some of it available for buffering of streaming movies?
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    2GB of RAM would be fine if you have a fast Internet connection. However where I live the best I can get is 4.5 Mbits via 3 T1s. That's okay for most things, however streaming an HD movie it's not. So was hoping that the 64 GB could be used to set the movie to download overnight and play it back later the next day, RAM wouldn't be the right thing for that.
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    Someone else mentioned this first so I tested it on my ATV 3. It appears that when I start to watch a movie it starts downloading the entire movie. I have a 75Mbps Download speed so does not take long. You can see the line change from grey to white as it downloads. You can then pause until it is done. Once done I was able to exit and then do something else and when I came back it was still there. However, when I started watching another movie where it download 3/4 of that and I came back it was gone and I had to download again. Of course the ATV 3 only has 8gb of storage. I am hoping tvOS will be smart about keeping things that I have already downloaded until it needs the storage. And especially for games. Each game will only download 200mb when it is installed then it will download another 2gb (if needed) before it starts to swap out parts of it. Max is 2.2gb at any time for a single game. Say you have 10 2gb games and they all downloaded it would take 20gb to hold them. Why would Apple have you re-download a Game each time you set down to play it. It is not only better for you but it is better for Apple. It is their servers and bandwidth that will be used to keep downloading the same game over and over if not needed. Maybe part of reason for a minimum 32gb size. To me if I had a 4gb game that I loved to play over and over it would be nice if Apple would let you override the limit in that case. Any way, I will be getting the 64gb version.

    EDIT: The movies I tested with were both purchased from iTunes. It may be different if watching a movie from Netflix. Did not test that.

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