appleTV media title purchase - an in-depth look.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nick.hobbie, May 30, 2008.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I was curious as to how the :apple:TV actually handled purchases. So I decided to buy the television series "Reaper" on the :apple:TV itself compared to buying on the computer, through iTunes. It was pretty much the same process to purchase as it is through iTunes but I did not have to enter my username and password. A message pops up saying the shows are being downloaded so I click my way over to the download section. This is the first thing I found where the :apple:TV needs improvement. It takes a few clicks to see your downloads. To my surprise I can only download one show at a time, unlike iTunes, where I can do multiple downloads. I have fios and am able to download 3, hour long Dexter episodes, at the same time, between 7-8 minutes. I do not understand the limitation of only being able to download one episode at a time. The other draw back was that the newest show was downloading first, not the pilot. There older shows where at the bottom of the list while the newest ones where at the top. I wanted to start with the pilot so I scrolled down to click on it to get it to start. It takes a few seconds and I get a message saying the pilot episode is ready to watch, so I go ahead a play it. After watching it, I found out that the :apple:TV only will download the current episode playing and will not continue to download the rest of them. So when I was playing an episode that was completely downloaded the others where not being downloaded. This is a drawback for when I use iTunes, I can continue to download the other episodes while streaming the show to my :apple:TV. I gave up because the episodes where not downloading in the oldest to newest order and kept having to click on the one I wanted to watch wait for it to download.

    My suggestion is to purchase your media from iTunes and forget about this purchase function in the :apple:TV menu, unless you have alot of time to waste and do not want to watch something on demand.

    I have not tried to sync the show back to my computer yet, this part was frustrating enough, I can't wait to try that. I will update this post and let you all know how well it goes.
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    What Dexter show r u watching that is 3 hours long? One episode is only about 51 minutes.

    Nevermind. Im a little tired tonight. U meant 3 episodes. :)

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