Appletv no sound over optical


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Nov 12, 2007
I have had atv for a year. I recently installed atvflash and had loads of problems with it (btw great support until I decided that some of my issues weren't being resolved and now no response when I asked for a refund) any way the sound stopped working on atv once I installed atv flash. I have the box connected to tv via hdmi and sound through optical.

Atvflash support said that you can't get sound through optical when connected with hdmi. However my set up was exactly the same before and I could get sound from the optical output no problem.

I have checked and I am getting sound over hdmi. However my tvs speakers are poor and I want to use the optical output (as I was before)

I have checked all connections and cables and updated to latest atv version. Am I missing a setting somewhere? (have even done a full restore)


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Mar 20, 2007
I noticed that I have a similar problem, when I play stereo movies or music videos I get no sound. But music plays just fine as does the tv shows. Very odd.


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Jan 13, 2009
the original apple tv I purchased (160gb a few years ago) had this problem as well - the optical output stopped working. In fact, I am not sure if it ever worked. If you plugged in an optical cable to it, you could still see the red light, but no sound. I had to run the sound through HDMI to my receiver.

I ended up looking into getting it fixed, and that would have been a logic board replacement plus labor. It was not worth the fix - I sold the apple tv on eBay with a no sound through optical disclaimer for $150 bucks then bought a refurb 40gb for $150 on apple store.

Cave Man

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If you're seeing red light, then the issue most likely is with the receiver. Make sure you have enabled optical audio input on your receiver for the specified channel. My Onkyos both were defaulted to line-level (RCA) input and I had to manually set them to take optical input on the appropriate video channel (in my case, the VIDEO1 inputs).
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