AppleTV sees some MP4 metadata, some not

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by blybug, May 10, 2007.

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    I've been working on :apple:TV-ifying all my personal home videos. Until Apple allows for "Home Movie" as a video kind I've chosen to label my home movies as "TV Shows" (hey, my life might be interesting enough to be a TV show) using the year of the video in the season field, the episode number just a sequential list for that year (same as track number) and the month the video was taken as "Disc #" out of 12 for each year. A brief description in the comments field also shows up on the :apple:TV just like a real movie. Clever eh?


    Old VHS tapes being MP4'd through EyeTV are handling the metadata tags just fine, and when sync'd to :apple:TV the comments show up, the ordering is correct based on "Season" and episode number (yes, one annoying giant episodes-in-backwards-order list from 1993 onwards), but it works.

    However, when I get to about 2001 and I have personal iDVDs that I am Handbraking into MP4s, I can enter the metadata tags in iTunes, where everything behaves nicely. But when these files sync to :apple:TV, the tags are lost so there's no comments, and the season/episode is gone, so ordering reverts to an alphabetical list beneath the giant episodes-in-backwards-order list. Strangely if I stream from the same iTunes source, everything is OK. It's just the syncing that doesn't carry the metadata over from some MP4s. I can even see this when clicking on the :apple:TV in the iTunes source list, the affected videos have empty columns where the metadata should be.

    Also, MP4s from my digital video camera similarly do not hold their iTunes tags when synced to :apple:TV. If I run any of these MP4s through a Quicktime re-encoding export, they are (sometimes) happy again and hold their tags when they travel to :apple:TV. I could suffer through re-encoding all the old stuff twice and be done with it, but I bought the Sanyo Xacti MP4 video camera specifically to dump MP4 videos as-is directly into iTunes with auto-sync to :apple:TV & iPod in order to experience the nirvana of full convergence, never to mess around with re-encoding again!

    Any ideas what the difference in these seemingly identical MP4 file types could be, that makes them behave so differently with regards to video tag metadata as they travel between iTunes & :apple:TV?? Is there some sort of specification within the MP4 file type that would allow or prohibit it from retaining this information through an :apple:TV sync? Seems very odd...
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    This could be all wrong but whilst searching thru the net to get my Vid Library :apple:TV ready i came across some info.

    Dunno where it was but here it goes off the top of me head!

    Right, the data that you add to itunes tracks is mainly kept somewhere within the itunes library or something.

    Anyway, to add all the metadata to the file requires to be re-encoded. I use this little app for it: Parsley Is Atomatically Delicious.

    Try it & let us know!

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