AppleTV syncs slow with Mac, fast in windows under bootcamp??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tallowpot, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Jul 30, 2009
    I have a Mac Pro bought April 2009 with the 8-core 2.26 processors, 12GB ram. I have the original HD for the Mac OSX and a second drive for Bootcamp with Windows Vista x64. My AppleTV is about 1.5 years old, hooked wirelessly on a Netgear g router.

    The only reason I use the windows drive under bootcamp is for one program for work that is not supported on Mac.

    When I am working at home and using the windows program, my kids still want to watch movies so I added iTunes to my windows OS and sync it with the ATV.

    Problem? While using the Mac side of things, the ATV can take several minutes to sync with iTunes. In the windows side, the syncing takes all of 20 seconds. The navigation of the ATV is also noticeably slower on the Mac side. I will push a button on the ATV remote and it has a delay while in Mac, and when in windows the same remote navigation is almost instantaneous. When I play a movie, under the Mac side it can sometimes "stall" for a minute or two until the movie begins playing. Under windows, it is as if the second I press the remote to play, the movie plays.

    Why would the Mac side be slower on syncing and navigation? Both iTunes libraries are exactly the same. My music is in iTunes, and all of the movies are stored and not synced on an external HD. I have ATV setup in iTunes to be a custom sync, not syncing anything except maybe the most recent import of iphoto for wallpaper purposes.

    It seems frustrating that whil eusing the Mac it acts like a POS windows machine, taking forever to sync, nav and play movies.

    Any thoughts? Thank you.

    (I tried to search and only came up with folks who wanted to sync a movie to ATV (I don't put the movies on the ATV, I use the router to send them each time to the ATV, thus keeping the ATV HD free of clutter) and it took 30 minutes to load on emovie on ATV.)

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