HomeKit AppleTV4 not connecting to Hompod

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  1. weeesss, Jun 13, 2018
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    Oct 24, 2017
    My Homepod as been working fine and is up to date. I added an ATV4 to my setup and want to switch Airplay to my Homepod but ATV says it cannot connect under settings. I rebooted the Homepod but still will not work.

    I then went to my iPhone and was able to Airplay from my iPhone.

    Any recommendations as to what to do? I just added a Hue system and am considering picking up another Homepod while on sale if I can get this working and hear how it sounds.

    Much appreciated.

    Edit*** Homekit shows Homepod is on 11.4 but under my Apple ID online it lists my device as being on 11.3.

    Went back to it half hour later without doing anything and now it works!

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