AppleTV's Best Target Market?

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Jun 21, 2007
AppleTV is a very attractive product. I mean, who wouldn't want all their music, movies, photos, and YouTube on their televisions? Pretty much everyone would love to have that stuff.

What makes this a difficult sell is that there are two types of people out there: Computer geeks, and computer bozos.

To the computer bozo, the idea is appealing, but what's involved in getting it up and running is not. The whole idea of having to set up a network in the house to use it is just way too daunting for many, many people.

The computer geeks love the idea, and can set it up in a heartbeat, especially because they probably already have an in-home network, but they know there are other options out there: Xbox 360, SageTV, Windows Media Center (which they may already own), etc. AppleTV has a lot of competition in this segment of the market.

They're going to have a really tough time competing with XBox 360. Many you would use this as a media center already own them, and already have them connected to a network. Not to mention that the 360's gaming capabilities are slightly better than AppleTVs.

They may never have a product that competes with SageTV, in terms of pure power and functionality, but AppleTV sure is a lot better (and cheaper) to get up and running.

So who is their best target market, in your opinion?

Existing Apple computer users is the obvious first choice, but that's not going to carry them very far. I think they're hoping for a userbase closer to what iPod has than what Apple computers have.

I'm kinda stumped. I guess maybe I'd go with those who are in between the computer bozos and computer geeks. Particularly, those who have "a computer guy" in the family who is Mac friendly.


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Apr 12, 2006
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I would think an iTunes user who already has a network (obviously) is a prime target, however, due to the Hi-Def nature of the Apple TV, only a small percentage of the target audience would really buy one. Which is why its still just a hobby for Apple :rolleyes:

Let's face it, like you said, everything comes with a media center of some sort these days. Unfortunately, most of them conform to the Microsoft standards.

My PS3 has a media center capability, my Pioneer TV (Pro-1150HD) has a media center built into it, but their pretty much useless to me, since I have most of my media on my Mac.

My apple TV does everything I want it to do, photos and video. The Music is great for entertaining, I just unplugged my Sony 300 CD-Changer.

The video issue is kind of tough. You have to be a little more than a novice (not much more, just a little :) ) to rip and convert video to Apple TV format. I haven't downloaded any iTunes video content, at some point I'll try it out. I already have a DVR and hi-def cable, there doesn't seem like much incentive to go that route. Anything worth buying for multiple seasons is better off being purchased on disc IMHO.

Youtube is fun, but you have to be careful with the kids. My 8 year old discovered it, and I have to keep a close watch.


May 10, 2004
The ATV is just for iTunes-only people who can't or are too dense to run a cable from the computer to the TV.

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Jun 21, 2007
The ATV is just for iTunes-only people who can't or are too dense to run a cable from the computer to the TV.
C'mon... You can't possibly believe that, can you? There are several scenarios where using AppleTV (or something similar) makes more sense than just using a computer.

My scenario:

I have 3 TVs in the house, and want all the same content on all of them. I want each to be able to watch or listen to different stuff at the same time, but have the exact same stuff to choose from. In multiple TV situations, the idea that that they're all controlled centrally, from what computer, is very appealing to me. I don't have to do anything that I'm not already doing on my computer.

I'm ripping all my music anyway... I'm building all these iPhoto albums anyway. All I had to do was plug in the AppleTV, enter a code and network password, and sync.


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Nov 6, 2006
Norfolk, UK
Corporate/small businesses which use keynote (if they ever add a viewer) to present stuff :)
It would be ideal, as then you could keep all the big ugly stuff (you know what I mean) out of the way.

Its small, can be tucked away neatly in a cupboard/behind the tv (may need a extender for remote)