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    These are early programs with Apple for word, drawing, spreadsheets, etc. After Mountain Lion, this program will not work. I have business records in these programs. After searching, I think the best idea is to convert them to .pdf files for history. With around 6,000 files I would like to do a batch/mass conversion from .cwk to .pdf. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Rather than do what you suggest, I installed Sheepshaver, and kept on using my classic apps. (see E-Maculation)
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    Feb 20, 2009
    Something else that might work for you:

    Try downloading the latest version of LibreOffice.

    The more recent versions have built-in translators for AppleWorks SP and SS documents.

    Using LibreOffice, you may be able to open -some- of your old documents "directly".

    I was in a similar position as yours, although I didn't have as large a number of old AWorks files as you do.

    In my case, I did "convert" a number of them into pdf format files. These were files I knew that I would not need to alter in the future, only "look at". But I don't know of any way to do this in a "batch conversion". I opened (and printed to pdf) each file individually, a long process. Perhaps there's a better way, but others will have to reveal it.

    In the case of AWorks database files, I exported the ones I still needed to use "as tab-delimited text", and then they can be imported into either a modern database app (actually, I like the lightweight "iData"), or into a spreadsheet file. Granted, some formatting will be lost, but the data itself should be readable.

    AWorks draw files are going to be a problem. Can't offer too much advice with this. I'm not sure whether LibreOffice can read these, or not.

    As OLDCODGER said, you can install Sheepshaver and still run AWorks via emulation.

    Or -- keep an old Mac around that still runs up to 10.6 (or 10.7?), and continue to run AWorks that way, as needed for the time being.

    But... I'd definitely prioritize those files most in need of conversion, and "move them forward" into an up-to-date application ....

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