Appleworks vs. iWork


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Got the latest version of AW for both OS 9 & X. However, iWork intrigues me. But it doesn't seem to have a spreadsheet or database creation that AW has.

I want to buy iWork, but I don't want to lose the spreadsheet or database functionality. Does anyone know if Apple's going to develop both side by side or if some of the apps in the AW suite will eventually make their way over to iWork? Also, will the documents that AW creates (.cwk files) be openable from within iWork?


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I have both and I think it's going to be a while to give up AppleWorks since there are a lot of missing pieces. Pages is great but flawed. I almost think I'd rather write documents in Keynote so that a page won't spill over into another page. At this rate though, it should be about 2009 before we see a complete iWork suite.

The only reason any development will be done on AppleWorks is that there is some huge incompatibility.
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