Application launcher that works on idle?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iW00t, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I found this nifty app that supposedly fixes LCD screen burn in, since it is quite a problem for my desktop monitor I'm going to try and run it as a screensaver.

    However it is an application, so I was wondering if anyone knows about an app that will launch applications when your system is idle, effectively making JScreenFix into a screensaver?
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    Make a video screensaver in Quartz Composer :D

    1) Get the jscreenfix video from this page. I got the large one for computer. (720x576 PAL)

    2) Download and open this View attachment file in Quartz Composer. Alternatively, you could make a Quartz composer file with the billboard element shown in the screenshot.

    3) Drag the video into the screen and connect as in the screenshot. I guess delete the reference that's already in there as I made it to test.

    4) Save and copy the Quartz Composer file to ~/Library/Screensavers

    Enjoy. Click on the Width button and change to a different number in Quartz Composer if the video does not fit your screen right. I set it to 2 for a 1280x960 display. Your figures may vary. Sorry it doesn't quite equal running the Java app as a screensaver, but it should work okay.

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    Just quickly, LCD burn in is only ever temporary at worst. :)

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