Applications disappeared?? Adobe CS4 suite gone? OS X Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by 617media, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. 617media macrumors member

    Feb 25, 2010
    I am not going even get into how I feel about Lion and my choice/why I made the choice to upgrade impulsively and ignorantly... and without making a 10.6 backup... I feel like ****.

    I NEED to figure this out, and I am hoping someone here can help me out....

    Lion has been nothing but problems. I had to rebuild my entire index to enable spotlight again, all my sound capture applications were not supported, on and on......

    I put up with this pretty well. But now, after finally restarting and having my index finally built and having spotlight again (try NOT using SL for 24 hours... might as well be using a PC)

    And anyways, I go to open up Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator CS4.... and I get an 'engraved' "?" mark across each of the CS4 application Icons. Needless to say, none of these applications could be opened.

    So no, I am not an idiot and checked the obvious places.... Applications folder? Spotlight search? A bunch of other possible but unlikely directories manually? Yup...

    So for once, I literally have zero idea what to do, how to fix this.... or what the **** happened?

    I have never just seen an application... and a major, stable one at that... simply DISAPPEAR out of thin air. The only thing remaining is the ICONS on my dock??

    And even stranger... My other apps seem to work SO FAR okay... like FCP runs. Google Chrome was the only other one so far that just also seemed to disappear and replaced by the same ? question mark. Chrome takes about 2 minutes to have back up and reinstalled..... The same is not the case for my precious four Adobe CS4s.

    Someone please at least give me a clue??

    What the **** Apple. More paper on hand than the US treasury, if that rumor is true? And they still feel the need to supply poorly developed, "Upgrades" that are in reality big downgrades.

    *i only upgraded because I was A. drunk B. it did not cost me anything C. I was told I needed it to make full screen-mirror-streaming to my TV via apple-TV work...*

  2. DewGuy1999 macrumors 68040


    Jan 25, 2009
    How did you install Lion? Did you do a clean install?
  3. Steve's Barber macrumors 6502a

    Jul 5, 2011
    If the CS4 apps are missing from the applications folder they aren't magically going to come back. When I used Lion it had some quirks but nothing like what you describe. Honestly... I have nothing to base this on but I'd almost bet Adobe has something to do with this. God knows their crap is... well, usually crap with regards to stability and bugs. (I know, I use 'em all).

    You've got some work ahead of you. I'd simply start from scratch beginning with a clean install of Lion.


    ...write on the blackboard 1000 times: "I will backup my mac.". :)
  4. 617media thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 25, 2010
    I installed right from the .APP file (3.5+ gbs or something)

    And mind you, it's not like I installed and all of a sudden this **** just happened.... With the exception of programs like Wiretap Pro / Wiretap, everything seemed to run fine. Then I lost Spotlight. No idea why.

    So I tried to run some commands in terminal - variations of sudo mtudo or whatever . All of them said no index / fail. etc

    So I simply updated software (just quicktime and itunes i think) and then let it restart... and then when I logged into my account it started indexing itself to my pleasure.

    However this is when these adobe applications are gone.

    This is really really bad timing because I am supposed to put finishing touches on a couple major designs to be printed as part of high-end apparel... and now I am going to have to I guess download the trial versions of CS5?? and then figure it out from there after I take care of the deadline.

    It's just all so dumb cause even in the case I just end up wasting the time and getting all them replaced in CS5 apps... I don't want CS5. I am happy with CS4. Just like I was happy with 10.6 :(


    seriously... i know :(.... You would think I would learn this basic ****ing lesson considering the amount of time I spend on computers and how pretty much all of my work ever done is on my hard drives.

    i just have a whole bunch of drives in for repair now... and my only real one left standing is a raid gardian maxiumius which I is not something I am going to carry around to the cafe I have been working at....

    Need to just immediately stop being lazy and buy one (or two) small, portable externals that are 1TB or bigger, and have a reputation for being very stable and withstanding a lot.

    IDk ruggeds?

    But I still cant completely forget about the CS4s..... perhaps it was something triggered by the actions I did in terminal???

    but if so there might be a way to get them back... I doubt it though like you said.


    I'd almost rather just downgrade to 10.6 at this point if that is what comes to it.... if that is possible, other than a time machine or CC backup, which I don't have of anything current.

    I dont really know the rules here but im assuming its frowned upon to talk about ____ so im just gona say, sorry Adobe - blame Apple for you losing money here. cop dat for $0
  5. Steve's Barber macrumors 6502a

    Jul 5, 2011
    Dunno. As soon as you touch the and start typing in Greek all bets are off with regard to figuring things out.

    Yep - I did. But not for the problems you're having. I still suspect CS4 has an issue with Lion. Perhaps it's more suited to SL. I used CS5 on Lion with no problems though.
  6. DewGuy1999 macrumors 68040


    Jan 25, 2009
    From what I could find Googling, CS4 runs under Lion, it has some issues (not the OP's issue) but does run.
  7. johnhurley macrumors 6502a


    Aug 29, 2011
    If I were you I would stop immediately and do not do anything else until you get some kind of backup done right now.

    As bad as you think your problems are right now the spot you are currently at may still be better than what you do next.

    After you get a solid backup ( or two or three on separate media ) in place then start looking at your data first. Is all your data still available and protected?

    Applications are a lot less important and can be re-purchased and/or re-installed.

    Did you even start checking to see if the applications on your old system really run well ( or at all ) under the new operating system?

    After you get some kind of comprehensive backup in place and review your data contents I would think about doing a clean install of either the latest operating system or an earlier one if applicable.

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