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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by mark99tj, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. mark99tj macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2008
    THis may actually be more of a rant than anything else. But if someone knows what to do to fix my phone, let me know.

    I have a new 16gb iphone. I have had it for 3 days. I set it up the first day, everything worked fine (wife has an 8 gb, so we know what it is like to use).

    Next morning, the iphone would not work properly. Hit the phone app icon, and then try to select contacts, app closes. Try to type in a url in Safari, app closes. Try to type an email, app closes. Try to add an event to the calendar, app closes. REformat the iphone, but it will not complete process and I get the 1602 error.

    I called Apple tech support yesterday, they had me do all the resets, reformat, uninstall/reinstall itunes. Nothing worked. Finally, I took an older laptop and installed itunes on it, synced and it worked. Then resynced to my main laptop to get contacts back. Worked fine the rest of yesterday. This morning, broke again. Called Apple again. Did all the same steps as above, including uninstall/reinstall of itunes for the 1602 error, iphone worked. A little while ago, the little timer thing came on. Apparently it was an incoming call as once it went away, there was the red 1 symbol of a missed call. No idea who it was as the phone app will crash when I try to look at it.

    Called Apple again. Spoke to manager. Does anyone get upset with the fact that when you break a $500 phone, that they want to nickle and dime you for a rental, or make you go back to your old phone? I do not live near an apple store, so that is not an option. THe AT&T store that I bought the phone from will only tell me it is a 10% restocking fee if I want to return it, and they cannot look at it. Apple tells me they will repair it, but that will take 5-7 days. They are shipping me a loaner phone and waiving the fee, but they have charged my credit card for a new phone in case I decide to not return the loaner.

    I have had the phone for 48 hours now, and have done complete uninstalls/reinstalls of itunes and the phone 3 times, each time I am becoming quicker, but the last one was still an hour....

    Anybody have any ideas, or should I just shut up and wait for my loaner phone to arrive so I can return mine and hope it is fixed?
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    Jan 14, 2008
    when i first got my 8gb i updated the firmware and then for some reason it went into recovery mode and would not come out of it, no matter how many times i tried to reload everything on it... i took it back to the same at&t store i bought it at and told them i had bought it two days ago , I had my receipt and they gave me a brand new one on the spot... idk why they wouldnt

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