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    Sep 21, 2014
    Hello everyone, I'm a new medstudent.

    I am about to receive my macbook air in a week and I wanted to know if there are really good apps for taking notes and organizing them; like I know there are a lots or apps such as Pages or some of the Microsoft series but I'm not sure how well I can use them I have a friend he's using an app called "FreeMind" and it looks really cool; something good that can handle chemistry or maths writing will be awesome!

    I also have a friend that showed me what Page is capable of; is it here any way for me to get it on my old macbook pro for free? Like I know it can easily write 10^23 for or some characters like the alpha sign etc...

    And do you guys know any good apps that can be useful to me in medicine? I don't care if it's not free I still have some money left after buying my macbook air.

    Thanks in advance, Vincent.
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    Ulysses III*is the premier text editor for writers, meeting the highest standards in both design and editing comfort. Its clean, modern interface allows writers to focus on their work without making any functional compromises. The innovative editor offers a wide range of text editing options. In Ulysses’ library, all texts are automatically saved, easily found, and -- thanks to iCloud integration -- readily accessible from all connected Macs at all times. The vast and flexible export function turns plain-text writings into beautiful PDF documents, Web pages, and ebooks with only a few clicks. Ulysses III was first published in April of last year and awarded "Best of Mac App Store 2013" by Apple in December.


    If in Windows Microsoft Word is the best for writers, in OS X this app is the best. I have just tryed the demo and after few minutes bought the full version.
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    Thank you "MacRumors' FAN" I have also downloaded the demo version of it and tried it a little bit but it wasn't what I wanted at all; looks to me that is an enhanced version of TextEdit but for writing only; I couldn't even write 10^23 on it (which I can on TextEdit but without hotkeys) I can't really do maths or chemistry with it. If I can't really find anything else I guess I'll just use Microsoft when I receive my MacBook Air.

    Also is there any apps that works like starQuiz, but for student? I actually want to create some quiz like:
    "for Q1 determine if it's true or false.
    A (T/F) then after I checked it says why.
    B (T/F) then after I checked it says why.

    I've seen some really interesting flashcard apps too, but it doesn't work the way I wanted above, it just show the question then when you flip you actually have the answer which isn't exactly what I wanted; I wanted to create a question with multiple choice and then answer it myself, and if possible after I got something wrong, have a "details" button to show me why it was wrong.

    Edit1: I actually have MacBook Pro (2009) and an iPhone 5 so if you guys have some apps that work on both it would be great!

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