Applications You Couldn't Live Without


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Jul 14, 2003
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Sorry if something similar to this has already been posted, but what are the applications (for Mac OS X) that you couldn't live without?

For me personally it would be Mail, FireFox (as Safari handles online banking very poorly) and iPhoto.

The applications don't have to be made by Apple, they can be third party, shareware, freeware etc.

Hopefully this thread will give ideas to other people who use Mac OS X the range of good software out there available to try.

I've been thinking o buying Cocktail - however don't know if it's worth it?

Post your thoughts!

James Philp

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Mar 5, 2005
Here's a list of shareware style software I have actually bought:
Versiontracker Pro
Salling Clicker
Desktop Transporter
Documents to Go (palm)

Apps I use a lot:
Safari, Mail, iCal, Internet Connect
iPhoto (4), image capture
Photoshop (7) & Elements
Preview, QT
Word, excel
DVDManager (free and ++A good)

Apps I use a bit:
Skype, Adium
Nikon View 6 (for RAW images)
Toast lite
Terminal, Automator
Grapher (in utilities - very powerful)
Desktop manager (used to live on it, but since tiger have stopped using it - will get an update soon prob - very, very useful!)
iWannasleep (great & free)

A search on for any of these names should bring up a download path. :)


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FearFactor47 said:
What's QuickSilver all about?
It's a very fast way of launching applications (at a basic level) and handling files (at a more advanced level)?

You hit 'control' 'space' and a box comes up, you type in the first couple of letters and up comes a list of applications. Hit return and the app launches. Because it's only looking through certain folders, it's quicker than using Spotlight to launch them. I haven't been into my Apps folder since I installed it.

You can also look for recent files/bookmarks by first few characters (a la Spotlight), tab to typing 'archive' or 'mail' and tab to typing an Address Book contact and it will send that file/bookmark to the person behind the scenes.


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Mar 17, 2005
I believe the only shareware app I've purchased is Bluephone Elite. I could probably live without it, as I did for a while when it first came out of beta, but it would be an inconvenience.

Otherwise, I use Mail, Adium, iTunes, and Firefox the most . . . and MS Word for school, and work.

. . . and how could I forget Dashboard


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Apr 3, 2005
I'm calling the cops
Oh sorry. After Effects, Photoshop, Keynote, Pages, Skype, iDVD(can't afford DVD Studdio Pro), and Garageband. Not to mention BF 1942 which my GeForce FX 5200 can't handle for crap.


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Sep 3, 2003
Alta, Norway
I'd probably die a slow, horrible, death if someone took Firefox away from me.

But seriously, there's no specific apps (perhaps with the exception of Firefox) that I couldn't live without.
I mostly use Adium and Trillian, but I can always use Fire or GAIM. I use MPlayer and Media Player Classic, but I could also use VLC or Zoom Player. If there were no iTunes or foobar2000, I'd just use Winamp or ...uhm.. Ok, a little lacking on the Mac side but maybe Cog, or something.

Edit: Since one goal of this thread was show the range of OS X software, here's some apps I use daily/weekly:

Adium, for IM. Mostly MSN, but I have Yahoo!, AIM and Jabber accounts too.
XinePlayer and MPlayer for movies.
iTunes, for music.
Firefox, Camino and Safari for browsing.
iTerm for terminal/command line stuff.

Plus I got the Folding @ Home CLI client running, and lately I've been testing a free, open source, audio player named Cog . It support some (relatively) lesser known audio formats. Currently at version 0.02 ;)


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Aug 30, 2004
West Monroe, Louisiana
since i run dual monitors its easy to manage:
Mail (for my .mac and school email account)
Entourage (for my roadrunner and gmail account)

and last but not least expose'

all of which open upon login except for iMovie

mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
In this order:


Office is at the top for being my "most needed" app but not necessarily my favourite. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan but I prefer Safari and iTunes. :)


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Jan 20, 2005
Well, if it wasn't for Final Cut Pro, I'd be living in a van down by the river.


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Jul 29, 2004
Holy crap.... alot i guess. In no particular order:

Firefox (for asp)
Safari (I like it better)
iChat AV (video conferencing, and AIMing friends)
FCP HD ( cuz i need it, and i haven't put 5 on yet)
Photoshop CS (Couldn't work without it)
Indesign CS (I do a crapload of print work)
Illustrator (Vector Logo's Baby)
Office 2004 (Because i have to)
Final Draft AV (Great program for writing shooting scripts)
Keynote 2 (The reason for iWork, and cuz PowerPoint sucks)
iCal (i'd never get anything done on time)

There are more apps of course, but these i use at lease once a week, most every day.