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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Silverlink, Oct 6, 2012.

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    When adding a new line to my existing AT&T account, the Apple store online does not seem to apply my employee discount to my AT&T plan - it does this when I try and order an iPhone through the AT&T online store but i'd have to wait three weeks, instead of potentially reserving one for next day pickup at Apple.

    Is this discount something i'd have to arrange with AT&T after buying the phone?
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    Assuming you'd have to arrange it with AT&T after, but I'd call them and ask. Doubtful anyone on this board can give you a definitive answer that you can 100% trust.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    You can always add the discount with AT&T later. There was some page on AT&T's site that you could go to and add the discount there by verifying your work email address, but I don't remember what it is. Also, if they add it to the same account, you might get the discount automatically, it's just that Apple has no idea about your discount so it shows the full price, but this is just me guessing.
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    No issue if adding a line to an existing AT&T account. Your Foundation Account Number (FAN) is already on your account and the discount will continue. Even if you don't see the discount when ordering from Apple, it is still valid.

    Just a reminder that each FAN is different and your group's FAN may not provide a discount for a second line in the case of a FamilyTalk rate plan due to the low cost of the add-a-line ($9.99). Also you might not receive a discount on the data plan depending your group's FAN.

    In my case, I receive a FAN discount on the primary line's rate plan and a discount on the data plan on each line. There is no discount on the add-a-line rate plans.



    Correct Apple only has access to your basic account information.

    Here is the link to register for a FAN discount based on your group's email domain. Note that not all group's are available via this web page so you might still need to go the AT&T Corp retail location to have the FAN added to your account.


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