Applying for Apple Retail Jobs - Specialist & Genius roles (Tips and advice welcome)

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    Hello forum members

    Long time reader but posting eventually. I know this probably is one of many numerous threads regarding Apple Retail Jobs but as said it's probably to place this on my own thread and will be updating and changing content depending on my progress.

    To cut a long story short, my job situation is pretty uncertain and I am having to think twice in applying for other jobs and diverse my experience. I am thinking of applying for Apple Retail and know the ups and downs of doing retail work.

    Of course I know I cannot rely on my application hopes of Apple Retail so I am applying for other jobs elsewhere and at least have a job for the time being which helps me out.

    I have worked in retail in the past but not for a couple of years and have also had previous experience dealing with clients and customers face to face. My Apple knowledge is good and can do basic computer repair work including working fine with Apple technology gadgets but I know being retail its personality and character are key traits.

    After looking on the Apple Jobs website and on the Apple Retail section I panned it down to two jobs I am thinking of applying for which is the Specialist and the Genius roles.

    I am thinking of applying for either role or might even reply for both of them depending on how I see fit.

    What I am kindly asking from the forum members especially if people are working or ex-workers of Specialist and Genius at Apple Retail is some tips and advice when applying for the roles.

    What do I need to be aware of and how do I make my application stand out. Also for the CV I am thinking of putting profile, key skills, professional experience sections as my top priorities with the education and hobbies/interests added in a bit of minor detail. For the profile and key skills I am asking what points should I raise for both Specialist and Genius roles and is there any tips and advice that you can share.
    For the cover letter, I am asking what points should I highlight and raise and would a cover letter of around 200-300 words be more than enough to highlight all the points across.
    Also when looking at the form do you have to convert your CV that is text formatted to be able readable on a computer screen aka in plain text web style.
    In addition, if there is a questionnaire that I need to fill in for both Specialist and Genius roles then what are good and right answers I need to put in or even be aware of.

    For now I will focus on the initial application process and if I succeed through this process and make it to the interview stage then I will ask for your help and advice when the time comes.

    I may add some pointers to this thread or reply back to posts. Obviously for people who are either ex Specialist and/or Genius staff, currently work in Apple Retail as a Specialist or Genius or have been promoted from that role then feel free to even PM me along with replying on this thread.

    Thanks in advance and hear from your thoughts soon.
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    You'll find a wealth of information and garner more responses if you use this thread.
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    Very, very few people are hired on as Genius staff. Most start as Specialists and then move into other roles at the stores. There are usually 2-3 promotions to go through before making it to Genius (part time to full time, specialist to family room specialist, then Genius).

    Good luck with your process!


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