Applying for Specialist position- does an employee referral guarantee interview?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Allard, Aug 29, 2013.

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    I was applying to an Apple Store in a suburban area and I decided to visit the store to research how an employee should behave. I asked one of the employees how much a referral means when it comes to considering potential interviewees and he said a lot, enough to guarantee anyone that's referred a chance to interview. Is this true?

    I've since gotten a referral but no email that points to an interview. I applied a few weeks ago.
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    Unless he said "I guarantee you that you will get an interview" and he is in a position to back that statement up, no there is no such thing as a guarantee. It is entirely based on the decisions of the human resources or department in charge of hiring employees and even a manger hiring for the department.

    If they don't like your resume, you just might never get an interview no matter what an employee says.
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    Maybe they're not hiring at the moment at that store?

    Maybe they aren't hiring right now but still could contact you later?
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    You'll be invited to a hiring event if you're resume is considered.

    If you make an impression at the event, you will get an interview. If that interview goes well, you will go through 1-4 more interviews depending on the store, district and region.
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    There is no HR department in retail stores and HR recruiters seem out managers not regular specialists. Depending on the store a referral guarantees a follow up phone call but not an interview.

    Some stores are:
    Follow up call > hiring event > interview process

    Others skip hiring events (high volume stores) and go into the interview process.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks all; turns out they haven't really hired anyone in a short while. Store has very low turnover- I guess I'll see if demand for workers increases in the week ahead of launch.
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    I think it would be pretty hard for an employee to really know this. Possibly everyone whom he and his friends have referred have gotten interviews - but possibly they're pretty selective about referrals, you know?

    Anyway, good luck!! And update please.

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