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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 576316, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I need a computer for the summer for work I'll need to get done after selling my PC in expectation of Haswell MacBook Pros on Monday - which didn't happen. So I'm now considering just pulling the trigger and going with a current generation 15" rMBP and hoping I get a Samsung panel.

    I need the computer for general browsing and iTunes but also for my photography college work/hobby. I only use Lightroom and rarely go above 4GB of RAM used. Will choosing 8GB of RAM be okay instead of spending more for 16GB which could be unnecessary? Would this also be an area where AppNap would come in handy if I was running tight on RAM, AppNap would free up RAM with anything else the Mac was doing to make sure Lightroom wouldn't struggle for RAM?
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    Since the memory of the rMBP is soldered onto the logic board, I'd go with 8gb not the 4gb.

    btw, the 13" rMBP comes in 4 or 8gb options, the 15" rMBP comes in 8 and 16gb models. You reference 4gb, and then the 15" model - which one are you considering?

    Appnap doesn't save ram AFAIK, but puts the app in sleep to preserve the battery, i.e., not giving it any cpu cycles.
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    Sorry, I wasn't being clear. The 4GB was a reference to how much RAM I use to use during most intensive Lightroom sessions on my PC. So I'm trying to decide between the 8GB and 16GB versions of the rMBP. I don't think I'll really ever need 16GB of RAM and would rather not spend the extra £100 odd for that privilege. So I was just wondering whether AppNap could improve performance if RAM got tight. But mostly, will all the power saving features on Mavericks work on all Macs?
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    go for 16GB,
    in some cases when you open up too many apps, you'll use up all the 8GB and OSX will start 'paging' some of the memory into the SSD.
    if you go for 16GB you'll reduce the paging which results in lesser writes on your SSD.
    lesser writes means longer SSD life.
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    The 13" rmBP does not have a 4GB option. It is 8 standard.

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