Appraising PowerBook G3 1998-99

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Solomani, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the appraisal or valuation of old or vintage Macs/PowerBooks.

    I still have my PowerBook G3 (266MHz), circa 1998-99. When I purchased it, this model was then code-named 'Wall Street' by the Macintosh rumor media. It was one of the last "black plastic" PowerBooks before Apple and newly-returned Steve Jobs decided to adopt the metallic aluminum look for future laptops (not counting those candy-colored plastic iBooks abominations).

    I'm willing to eBay it if I can get at least a few hundred dollars for the bundle. Still in working condition. Turned it on yesterday and it still runs. Still had the original Starcraft installed on it LOL. Mac OS 9.1

    Or is it wiser for me to hold on to this because it will eventually have vintage collector's value? (provided I have room to hold it in its original box for several more years). Just not sure what bids would go on these things, as they seem to be purely collector's pieces now. It's not like they could even be used for simple web surfing any more, since the latest (secure) browsers would not run on this dinosaur.

    PowerBook G3, 266MHz model, 4GB HD (circa 1998 release)
    CD-ROM Drive module (working condition)
    DVD-ROM Drive module (working condition)
    Battery Module (seems to be defective, no longer carrying a charge)
    Original AC Power Adapter brick (working condition)
    VST Zip 100 Drive Module (working condition)
    NewerTech "BookEndz" Docking Station (working condition)
    Original Apple Box (including the styrofoam padding, and all accessories like original Apple cables, etc)

    I'm thinking about selling it as a single bundle (not piecemeal). Again, the ONLY part that seems to no longer be working is the laptop's (original Apple) battery module. It just doesn't want to carry a charge any more. The AC adapter is still here for direct connection to a power outlet. Otherwise, everything else works.

    Any thoughts? Estimates?
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    Keep it, it's not really the good time to sell it. You're not going to get collectors, you're going to get people who want to buy all the Apple gear up to either use like it was only yesterday, or for buying cheap to sell later. They go for $20-40 on eBay, and pretty much all the $100+ BIN ones are just relist after relist after relist.

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