Approvals for Apps Equipped With In App Purchase On Hold?

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    TUAW reports that developers seeking to submit applications featuring in app purchase to the iOS App Store have had their submissions stalled by an error message on Apple's end linked to a test account required for evaluating the in app purchase functionality.
    The reason for the account error is unknown, as Apple has been silent on the issue.

    Speculation has naturally touched on the Lodsys patent lawsuit threats over in app purchase and upgrade link functionalities, although reports that the IAP test account has been offline for a week now would indicate that the change predates the Lodsys notice letters that were first received last Friday. Consequently, Apple would have had to have advance notice of the letters if the two events are in fact related.

    Article Link: Approvals for Apps Equipped With In App Purchase On Hold?
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    Looking at the threads in the dev forum it looks like it is a general problem with (sub)account creation, not only the test account. If it would be related to the patent claim, it would only be test accounts - and apple would have also other means to 'hold' those apps in the approval process.

    EDIT: I just verified this with my own account - I am getting the same error when creating a "iTunes Connect User", which is very different from a "Test User" for IAP --> most likely not in-app purchase/patent related
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    I think apple need to tell us developers what is going on. We don't want another applegate :confused::apple::mad:
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    I can't see how this is not related to the patent issue. It's not unreasonable to assume they told Apple of their intentions before sending letters to developers. Seems a bit of a weird coincidence otherwise and it does seem like the logical thing for Apple to do until a solution is found to combat these frankly ridiculous lawsuits.
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    am i the only person happy with this development?

    a temporary end to the stupidly high amount of "free" apps that are actually unusable unless you start forking out cash for "features" , or games that want people to buy (coins/xp/weapons/levels/whatever).

    sure, in app purchases have a place, but need to be more carefully vetted, i dont mind paying in app for comics, like the marvel or DC apps, or magazines. I just draw the line at cheap "free" apps that are designed to get kids running up bills before parents take the device off them.
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    How 'bout another Christina Applegate? :D

    Anyways, so much mystery... I would imagine Apple is preparing something huge. Any wrong moves or turning its back to developers would cause their stock to drop quickly if it already hasn't (didn't check), but it may just be temporary.
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    From what I can see now it is not getting any better. Now EA and others have been targeted :( is no one safe :eek: We are holding off putting the in purchase api into our products until this is resolved.:apple::)

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