Apps and account shared across devices better on iOS than Android, right?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by dmk1974, Nov 22, 2014.

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    We've been using iPhones and iPads in our house (4 users) for the past few years. I look at the Android offerings here and there, but from what I can tell, they cannot share apps and settings without conflicts the way I have them set on the iOS devices.

    On the iPhones, you can set the following to 3 separate accounts: App Store, iCloud, and GameCenter

    • For App Store, all of the devices are set to my account. Therefore, all purchases are shared.
    • For iCloud and email, each of us has our own account.
    • For GameCenter, each of us has our own account.

    From what I can tell on Android devices, you have to set the same account for Google Play and Google mail services. You can of course add additional Google accounts to each device. However, if I were to set my account as the primary on all 4 phones and then add each of the other 3 users Google accounts to their phones, then they can go through my email, google apps, etc. And games would be screwed up too. At least I have not seen a way to set it like the iPhones we have where the apps are totally separate from other settings.

    Is there some trick to this for Android to have it set like I have across our iPhones? Thanks!
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    You do know that Android has had multiuser capability for over a year now? In other words, just like with OSX or Windows more than one account can exist on Android hardware (may be limited to tablets. I can't see having multiple users on a phone?)
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    Right, as I stated, I know that you can have the multiple accounts on each device, but I don't see a way to have a separate account for Google Play apps without exposing the email and google docs and so on for that account.
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    You've already a sound ecosystem in place. Overcoming paradigms is an overpowering mindset. With what you have in place, it seems 'change' is the biggest obstacle. You will have to convince three others, should you move to undiscovered territory.
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    Your OP was confusing, but now I get it.

    Anyone can toggle between differ accounts already setup on your android device. So YES, this WILL EXPOSE your email if someone manually toggled accounts within the email app.

    I suggest installing Applock, set it up to block what you want, then toggle it ON when you let someone else use it.

    This is why I'm glad user accounts on Lollipop was added.
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    OP - you don't explicitly refer to iOS 8 family sharing. It seems to be a superior way to achieve what you are trying to achieve.

    Google Play does not have family sharing, which is a limitation in my opinion.

    As others have mentioned you can setup multiple user profiles on a given Android device (even on phones as of Lollipop), but what I don't know is whether the apps purchased by the administrator profile are made available within the profiles of the other users. Can someone clarify?
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    Sorry for some of the confusion. For our current iOS setup, I am perfectly happy with the way it is set. I looked into the family sharing, but don't really see a need to make that adjustment.

    I just want to see if there's a way to set up Android devices in the same way, but it doesn't seem that is quite possible in the same manner (whether in a family sharing manner or other method).
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