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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by MJedi, Jan 21, 2016.

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    We've been upgrading our users who are on older iPhones to iPhone 6's. We usually backup their current iPhone using iTunes, then restore that backup onto the iPhone 6. I've noticed that even though I choose to Backup Apps during the backup process, when I do the restore, not all apps are on the iPhone 6. Instead, their icons are blacked out. After a while, they begin installing as if it was being downloaded from the App Store. But it seems to download them one at a time.

    Is this the new process for restoring from an iTunes backup? From what I've read, this is due to app-thinning. It's frustrating because it takes a longer time to get the new iPhone deployed, compared to before. Is there a way to have the entire app backed up? What's the point of backing up apps if they are not really restored?
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    Yes it's a new process to iOS 9. Because apps now use what's called App Thinnging or App Slicing. iTunes just takes note what what apps were installed in the backup as a placeholder and then fresh downloads/installs from the phone after you restore. So that they are just the files that particular device need. (Doesn't download iPad resolution icons and such if you're using an iPhone as an example.)

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