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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Oceadge, Nov 30, 2011.

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    [I posted the below on the Apple Support Communities site yesterday but did not receive any replies and so I was hoping that someone hear might have an idea, thanks].


    About two months ago I had an issue where if I deleted an App on my iPad 2 or iPhone 4 it would be restored the next time I synched either device with iTunes. I ended up having over 100 unwanted Apps that I could not delete. I hoped that the update to iOS5 would fix the issue but it did not.

    Due to another issue (mobile/cell data not working) I had to restore my iPhone 4 losing years of App data and SMS messages. But this resolved the issue of not being able to delete Apps properly. So, I restored my iPad 2 as well. Everything worked as it should for about a week.

    Then one day I noticed that some newly installed Apps disappeared when I synched my iPad with iTunes. A few days later the same thing started happening to my iPhone...

    The Issues:
    - If I install an App from the App Store on my iPad or iPhone (iOS 5.0.1) then the next time I sync the device with iTunes it disappears from the device without any warning message. Also, If I go to the App Store in iTunes to try to download the App it shows it as having already been downloaded. Normally the App would get copied from the device to the computer when syncing with iTunes so that it would then be available in iTunes but that does not happen.
    - I have Automatic Downloads enabled in iTunes and on my iPad and iPhone (for Apps as well as Music and Books). So, for example, if I download a new App in iTunes it will automatically download to my iPad and iPhone But that App disappears from the device the next time it's synced with iTunes.
    - When a device is connected to my computer and I click on the device in iTunes and then on the App tab. If I check an App the tiny icon appears on the virtual screen of the device. If I then click on the Apply button the device appears to sync but the check mark automatically disappears and the App does not get installed on the device.
    - The same thing happens with Newsstand. The Newsstand App stays installed but any magazine Apps within it disappear after a sync.

    - I do not have any problems with syncing music or podcasts.
    - Sure, I can download an App from the App Store and use it on the device but I do need to occasionally sync with iTunes and then the Apps will disappear losing all settings/game saves etc. so I cannot risk using the App.
    - The Apps that I installed within the first week of setting up the iPad and iPhone as new devices are all still installed and appear to be safe, it's only new Apps or Apps in my library that were not installed within the first week that I cannot keep installed.
    (Exceptions to the above: One App (Sonic 20th) has stayed on my phone after multiple syncs and three Apps have survived multiple syncs on my iPad (Snuggle Truck HD, Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition and Spacelings). Weird!

    What I have tried to do to fix it:
    - Uninstalled iTunes fully and installed it again. (Version
    - Powered down the iPhone and iPad and turned them back on.
    - Tried enabling Sync over Wi-Fi but the same thing happens.
    - Tried backing up to both iCloud and "this computer" but no difference.
    - Tried backing up and the restoring from backup on both devices but no difference.
    - Tried signing out of the Store on my iPhone, iPad and iTunes and signing in making sure I used the same Apple ID just in case one or all devices thought they were using different Apple ID's. But that made no difference.
    - Tried De-authorising "this computer" and Authorising it again but no difference.

    The only think that I can think of that I have not tried is to start a new iTunes Library. But I am not prepared to do this as I have years of play counts and playlists etc. in iTunes. If I had to lose all that data then I can see myself going over to Android devices.

    I have spent hundreds of dollars on Apps over the last couple of years but I have not been able to use most of those Apps for the past 5-6 weeks. So, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    ~ Oceadge.
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    Not what you're asking about but for the above, connect your device, select it in iTunes and click on Apps. Uncheck whatever you don't want on the device.
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    When I had that issue I did try that but the Apps would automatically become checked again after syncing with iTunes. It would happen before my moment unchecked the next checked!
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    I do not know why you are having this problem but here is my setup and experience. I have 1 iTunes managing 3 iPad's and 3 iPhones. I currently only do this kind of Sync when connected via USB. Not all App's are Synced to each device. I did try to use WiFi Sync on 1/2 the devices but had a problem with a Game App where it lost all of the App Data on my Wife's iPhone and iPad and she was a little miffed. It was the UnBlock Me App (I think) and we were seeing how far each could go while on vacation and she lost all of hers and I did not lose mine (did a USB Sync). Anyway, this is the only problem I have ever had. I would recommend you review the setup of ALL of your devices that are using the same iTunes Apple ID and how they are setup to Sync. Maybe connect all of them to the computer via USB and make sure they are all setup the same. I was recently thinking of trying the Sync via WiFi again because of the hassle of hooking up my wifes devices but did not want to risk messing her devices up again.

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