Apps Corrupted After Restoring iPhone 5 From 4S Backup


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Dec 16, 2010
After I restored my iPhone 5 from my iCloud backup from my 4S many apps instantly crashed and could not be opened.

With some apps, I deleted and redownloaded them which fixed the problem, but doing this deleted my application data as expected. I used Falldown as a test app to see if app data would be deleted, it was.

I noticed that a lot of the apps were ones that were scaled for iPhone 5 or ones that have been updated recently.

If anybody has any suggestions to fix the corrupted/non-functional apps or any way to redownload the apps without deleting them, please let me know. Thanks!

Apps that didn't open:
Pages (fixed)
Numbers (fixed)
Keynote (fixed)
Remote (fixed)
iBooks (fixed)
Find my Friends (fixed)
Find my iPhone (fixed)
Apple Store (fixed)
iTunes U (fixed)
Chess Free (fixed)
Draw Something (fixed)
Instagram (fixed)
RedLaser (fixed)
Shazam (fixed)
Facebook (fixed)
Wikipanion (fixed)
Chrome (fixed)
FS5 Hockey (fixed)
Words With Friends (fixed)

Falldown! (fixed but lost app data)

Doodle Jump
Jetpack Joyride
Plants vs Zombies
Tap Tap


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Dec 16, 2010
To anybody who might be in a similar situation: I simply did a restore from iCloud backup and solved the problem.


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Oct 25, 2012
iPhone 5 corrupt something

I have been having a similar issue. My phone will think I'm pressing some other part of the screen when I'm clearly not. For example, I will be typing an email on the phone when all the sudden the phone will send the email, as if i just hit the send button, even though i was nowhere near the send button.

Also, if i'm in a text message and i typed something that i want to earse, i will tap the back/delet button repeatedly, and all of the sudden the phone will act as if i hit the "edit" button (the one on top next to the name of the person i'm texting). It's completly out of wack.

I had a recent Voicemail issue and long story short Apple told me i have to wipe the phone and CANNOT restore from a previous back up because the back up (from my former iphone 4) is propbably corrupt. But now that i resorted as new (like they told me to do), i think it might be an app that i just added back from itunes or maybe an mp3 that is corrput. I'm not sure what to do. I wish there was a way i can single out what is corrupting this phone.

I'm using a PC and my iphone 5 is an At&t phone.

Help please.
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