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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by _Refurbished_, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Post your Apps in development.

    Snappy (Free) - Want to make your Safari snappier? This one button app is just for you! Just click the "Snappy" button and you'll instantly make Safari Snappier! Safari won't just "feel" snappier, it will be!

    Support (We Pay You) - Did you ever want to work for ATT? Now's your chance. Just load this app and you'll instantly connect to ATT's tech support network to help other iPhone users solve their issues. ATT has used this technology for years, but now it's possible through your iPhone 3G. If you're not sure how an iPhone works or don't know what 3G means, no problem. A Time Warner version is also in the works.

    RedLight Touch ($6.90) - We all know that pimpin ain't easy, but now it is! Want to locate your hoes? No problem. They're a touch away. If they leave their corner, you'll know it. If they spend too much time on one client, you'll know it. Pimpin has never been this easy.

    Yes, Dear (Free) - Can't keep track of your girlfriend's viscous PMS cycles? Neither can I. That is why I created Yes, Dear. Yes, Dear does all the "V" work for you. The accelerometer (somehow) calculates PMS waves as they occur. Your iPhone will then agree with everything your girlfriend says.

    iJobs (Priceless) - Need a job? Then this app is not for you. This is Steve Jobs on your iPhone! Place any object in front of iJobs and Steve will make it sound revolutionary, no matter how useless the object actually is.
    Have you ever waken up in the morning wishing you could dress Steve Jobs? Now you can! Don't just dress yourself, dress Stevo! iJobs has a huge variety of black turtlenecks and denim to choose from! We're hoping to increase the clothing options in a future update, but it is unlikely.

    MicSpeaker ($.01) - Can't get your second speaker to work on your iPhone? Just use MicSpeaker and your MIC magically transforms into a speaker! MicSpeaker delivers crystal clear stereo sound on your iPhone.

    Koi Fart (Free) - Fool your friends into thinking you actually farted! Using the new iSmell sensor in the 3G iPhone, you can realistically pass gas as much as you want! Tap once for "the big rip". Double tap for "silent bud deadly".

    (this thread is, obviously, all satire)
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    A few more Apps...

    Hasta La Vista (Home $.99, Ultimate $2.99) - Ever been told by a Windows user that your "Mac Sucks". Tired of Windows users claiming Windows XP is the best thing since Steve Ballmer? Hasta La Vista will solve all these problems, in just a few clicks! Through WiFi technology, you can control any Windows PC. Tap once to create an "Illegal Operation" or tap twice to give an unrecoverable "BSOD". They'll be wishing they had an iMac!

    The Bro ($1.99) - Have you been mugged recently? Are you scared walking alone at night? Take down potential enemies with "The Bro" taser. Triple tapping the home button will send a paralyzing electric shock to your attacker. So when they say "Don't tase me Bro!", just laugh and tase away!

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