Apps not launching following repair

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  1. funy, Sep 7, 2011
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    Jun 24, 2009
    Hi all,

    I just replaced the screen on a friends 3gs (for the second time - they are very clumsy!). THis time however i also dismantled the phone a bit more and removed the power switch and logic board as the power switch has also not been working, took it all apart and physically the switch was fine so assuming its the cable assy at the top for the switch that went, but we decided to leave that for now.

    Anyway put it all back together with new screen which is all working fine, however after about 20 mins or so all the sms messages vanished form the phone and non apple apps wont load, they come up like they are about to load but then drop back to springboard.

    New sms messages since the sudden loss have stayed fine.

    Im a little confused as my initial thought was maybe a cable to one of the memory chips was loose or came off, but i can access all the photos, emails, music etc so not sure its that, im left with only course of action being a wipe/reload of iOS.

    Anyone else ever had this?

    My friend is going to bring their laptop over and will then perform the reload to see if this makes any difference, will try fresh and restored with original backup
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    Jun 24, 2009

    Ok it seems to be working now, looks like something went screwey with the account signed into app store, sign out and back in and download a free app seemed to work and app stayed open, and then out of nowhere about 12 "loading" icons appeared "ala icloud / purchased items" between devices would despite friend only having the one iphone, unless someone has been downloading free apps on the computer and hadnt sycned?

    Still doesnt explain the sudden loss of SMS but not the end of the world

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