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Apr 13, 2010
Thought it would be interesting to create a hall of shame for apps not updated to support the larger 10.5” And 12.9” iPad Pros as both have been available for quite some time no.

I don’t think it’s necessary to include games in the list since scaling the app from the 9.7” size is generally adequate and reworking the graphics and rendering for a game is a lot more work with potential performance impacts for very little gain. The list should contain apps that are functionally inferior and look blurry without the larger screen optimisations (apps with a lot of text). Personally I find these apps horrible and cause eye strain.

Based on feedback below...

- Facebook - stretched
- SwiftKey - stretched
- Instagram (lack thereof)
- WhatsApp (lack thereof)
- Reddit - poor use of screen space?
- App store - poor use of screen space?
- Gmail - no split-screen multi-tasking
- Google Maps - no split-screen multi-tasking
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Oct 25, 2008
Swiftkey keyboard. It seems like it's at best optimized for the smaller iPads but on the 12.9" the buttons are unnecessarily wide and the layout is just a resized phone layout instead of the full keyboard you get with the stock one. It's annoying because the stock keyboard offers no prediction for my native language. Always throws me off when I have to switch between it and the stock keyboard due to the layout differences.

Most Reddit reader apps make no concessions for iPad so I just use the Reddit website in desktop mode instead. I don't like how Narwhal or Bacon Reader look and operate on the iPad even if I appreciate that they are iPad optimized..but they are so god damn ugly!

Google apps support split screen multitasking very erratically. GMail and Google Maps don't (but would benefit from it the most) while Google Keep does. It's stupid and the situation has been the same for years now.

Of the stock apps the biggest offender to me is the App Store. It's a **** app to begin with but it's clearly just a blown up phone app because on an iPad the bottom row buttons are not a good way to operate it. I wish Apple would fire the team responsible for App Store and iTunes on each platform because they can't do UI design worth ****.
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