Apps Open in a SMALL Window, Top Left


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Feb 1, 2010
earth, for now.
I am unsure what would be causing this to happen... But let me explain.

I restored my Phone to iOS 5.0.1 - and then I Jailbreak with RedSnow (latest version) --- I installed SBSettings, and now.. whenever I 'reboot' my device and then load any App, weither it be Photos/Music/AtomicBrowser/Cydia/Mail, they all end up in a SMALL format, in the top left Corner... This is very strange indeed.

I thought I would make a thread discussing this, in hopes someone else has come across this strange error and has a solution! :)

The Springboard looks fine - everything is great there. But even when I open Settings and what not -- this is what happens.

Any Ideas?

EDIT: I sort of found a solution - but it's a strange one but works. If I use SBSettings and go into SAFE Mode... voila, everything works (obvsly, since everything gets disabled...) - But then when I tap at the top to EXIT Safe Mode -- Everything then works... LOL Sttrrannngee.. Either way if anyone has some input, please share! :)


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Aug 23, 2009
The safe mode thing you mentioned is actually the solution for this. everytime I've jailbroken with that issue, one safe mode usually resolves it.


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Feb 29, 2012
Thank You:)

This Actually Worked! I was about to start EVERYTHING over and redo the process of jailbreaking and wipe out all of my Apps. THANK YOU for saveing me. The best. :p