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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by moosquared, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Nov 10, 2010
    Are the apps, music, video, etc. in iTunes store different depending on the country location? Example, US iTunes store vs. UK iTunes store.

    I'm asking this because all of my downloaded stuff are bought from the US store and I've since relocated to Indonesia for good. Before I left, I bought $200 worth of gift cards because I know that US store doesn't accept foreign credit card.

    The apple rep. told me that I can switch country. I have 30 days to redownload everything I ever purchased (that's going to take forever).

    So I'm asking, are the content different? If I switch to Indonesia iTunes store, and it's different, can I also purchase stuff from the US store? I should mention that Indonesia doesn't have an apple store in here. ZERO. Only authorised resellers which I don't put much faith in either.

    So far, the downside of using gift card, is that every few months, my account is acting up by refusing to verify the payment option. Since I no longer have a CC on file (payment option NONE), it refused to authorised my download, even for a free app. I have to email support and it'll be fixed in a day or two, depending on how quickly they respond.

    As for getting the gift cards, my friends in the US can help me with the purchase. I'm down to $10 at the moment... :eek:
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    Yes, the content can absolutely vary between countries especially with music and video. I would create a new account for Indonesia where you can purchase what content is available, and use the old US account for what isn't. You'll have to switch between accounts to get app updates, but that's a relatively minor hassle.

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