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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by GrumpyTrucker, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Don't know if this related to iOS 10 or it's just iOS in general but since I'm on 10 I'm putting it here. It can be moved if needed.

    Having broken my screen on my 6S Plus I'm reverting back to my 6 Plus to use until I can get it fixed. I did a backup this morning from my 6S Plus and have restored that backup to my 6 Plus. All good so far. However, I've got 5 apps stuck on "Waiting". They won't install, pause, or delete. If I go iTunes to try and remove them from there they're not even listed in the long list of apps although they DO appear on the images of the home screens. I've turned the phone off and on again, and I've done a hard restart (home and power buttons) and I'm still stuck with these apps. Other than "restore as new phone" which I don't want to do, are there any other things I can try to get rid of these apps?
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    What does the trick for me is to change my IP by using a VPN, or just leaving the phone in shutdown off for 30 minutes. Make sure any socket has timed out properly, etc. These are weird buggers that sometimes just refuse to install. But they should do so very incidentally. I hope this is because you were mass installing loads of apps and a few just slipped through the cracks.
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    I've got about 100 apps on the phone so it could be that. It's the weird fact that iTunes doesn't even show the apps as installed but does show them on the home screens. I'll try the VPN thing first.
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    Update. Managed to get rid of four of them by going into the App Store and finding them in Purchased and starting then stopping the download. The fifth one seems to be no longer available on the Store so can't do it for that one.

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