Apps taking FOREVER to install? Workaround!

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by The General, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Here's how I fixed my problem of applications taking ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY FOREVER to install.

    1. Restore the phone.
    2. When it syncs automatically for the first time KILL THE SYNC. SLIDE TO CANCEL IT! MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!
    3. Go to the Applications tab and UNCHECK SYNC APPLICATIONS.
    4. Install all applications from your phone from now on. DO NOT TRANSFER APPLICATIONS BACK TO ITUNES. DO NOT INSTALL APPLICATIONS FROM ITUNES.

    Doing any transfers or installation from iTunes, I've found, causes the REALLY REALLY slow installation.

    The only thing that sucks, for me at this point, is that now that I've restored, I can't install NetShare, which is on my computer and not on my iPhone, without causing the really slow installation. Luckily, my phone is hacked and I can use 3proxy or tinyproxy or srelay. :)

    EDIT: Actually, I just unzipped my NetShare.ipa and copied to /Applications and it works. Very strange. The icon is a square though, the corners are sharp. This is weird. Whatever, I'd rather use 3proxy and be able to have it run in the background. But in the interest of science it was worth testing!
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    Interesting find. I guess this means its just a bug and could be fixed in 2.1. I always thought it would be this slow. So you are saying that even installing apps on the iPhone is slowed down after syncing apps from iTunes? I also have Netshare but don't want to hack my new 3g. I just thought the install speed slowed down after you keep adding new apps.

    So, does this method improve the startup time for the iPhone? Mine took about 27 seconds brand new and now takes about 85 seconds to reboot. I also have 40ish apps. I also have a problem right now where all of my apps crash...every single one. I think I had a corrupt install of ScoreMobile that had an error. It doesn't even correct itself after a reset. Hmmm.

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