Apps there after restore, apps gone after restore - 2 phones

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    My daughters phone was replaced under warranty Saturday. Before we took it into the apple store we backed it up to her PC. After we got the phone we restored it from the backup, everything was fine.

    Later that night, after working all day the phone died, no display whats so ever and no indication of incoming calls or texts.

    Yesterday, took it to the apple store where they replaced it again. After we got the new phone we did a restore from the same backup file. This time all apps are gone. All app data appears to still be there as there is a large portion of the used space that says other. When we downloaded the app idownload + all of the files she had before showed up.

    I don't know why the apps showed up after the restore to the first phone, but not the second. It appears that if we reinstall all the apps she had everything should be OK. Problem is she doesn't know all of the apps that were on the phone at the time of the backup. It also appears to me that the only way to recover or delete the space used by "other" is to reinstall the app and then either keep it or delete it, deleting the apps data as well.

    Any ideas why it worked once, and not the next time?
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    DFU restore again, setup as new phone, restore from backup in iTunes.

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