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    I've found sometimes I can't be near a computer and I need to do computery things on my phone, so I've found some apps that help me do certain tasks. Contribute yours too! Cause I'm getting an iPad and I'd like to hear what you use :)

    Basically a standard file storage app, but free and much more polished than any other under $2 app I've seen. I use this to store audio files and PDFs for later listening/viewing. Also lets you save a webpage to PDF, and you can browse your cloud storage account from within this app. Opens almost any relatively common filetype. Also useful for unzipping files. I have a 1GB Zipped web site in a folder that Documents handles perfectly once unzipped

    Duokan reader
    I use this for long PDFs, like textbooks. It has a mirrored crop feature that lets you maximize the space on your screen (useful for the iPad mini) and works better/smoother than any other free app I've seen

    Lets you fill out a PDF form with lots of of text options, then email or export to another app

    Lightweight office suite in one app (unlike iWork) and can easily open documents in other apps (unlike Microsoft office, which is also only for iPhones). Downside is you have to login with Google but it's out of the way, it doesn't interfere. I only do small edits to existing documents in this app so I can't say how good it is for power users but it keeps the fidelity of my XLSX files intact at least

    Lets you take photos of real documents and auto-upload the PDF scan to dropbox. Very hassle-free once you have it set up and great at adjusting for angles and lighting

    I have enough storage that I can access almost any non-video, non-system file from my computer, whether the computer is on or off. Has an offline viewing feature for almost any file

    Lets you stitch pictures together, which I find useful when I need to scan certain documents like passport or insurance cards or something like that

    Video D/L
    Lets you download any video (shows a Save icon once the video is playing) then can share it to any app that stores/plays video

    Infuse and VLC
    Use together for watching video. Infuse is very polished and has cover art, cast, episode/movie descriptions. VLC will play all formats including MKV which cost extra in Infuse. VLC also allows audio playback in the background which is nice if you have a video you need to hear but not see
    Not the app but the website which is good for uploading photos online and getting a direct link without a bunch of barriers like with Photobucket. It's a little slow and sometimes the upload fails but it's otherwise useful

    Listen to youtube videos in the background while you browse Safari or do whatever
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    Hopefully you're getting a keyboard case too! I just got the Clamcase Pro and I LOVE IT (I can't shut up about it either, lol).

    As for apps...

    For literally using OSX via VNC. I recommend that you use Display Menu too so you can match the resolution to the iPad and use it in fullscreen without scrolling. They have an app you can install for using it away from home.

    I like this app for PDFs, it's free, has a nice organization system, and lets you markup the PDFs.

    I like it for note taking because I can either use it as a regular text processor, or I can draw all over it and it's not too weird to do either. You just start drawing, or you start typing.

    Filter based photo editing. I like that I can make my own formulas.
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    I already knew about a lot of these but good suggestions. I'm having trouble finding video d/l, there seems to be several apps with that name.
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    Microsoft Office for the iPad
    OneDrive (formally skydrive).
    FileMaker Go

    All of those help me use my iPad, though my iPad doesn't replace my MBP.
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    Documents is handy on the iPhone but so, so much more useful on the iPad where I do more productivity-focused things.

    I'd add:

    iFont or Anyfont
    Both are written my MacRumors forum users and let you install fonts. Apps that use the iOS font APIs (like Pages and Keynote) can see & use these custom fonts.

    PDF Expert
    Integrates with Documents really nicely. Offers PDF viewing and editing. More importantly, it lets you fill out PDF forms and stamp them with an image of your signature.

    I'm a web developer so I sometimes get work done using these apps and a cheap server from Digital Ocean:

    An SSH terminal. Has great additions to the on-screen keyboard, but works even better with a Bluetooth keyboard.

    A programmer's text editor. Has syntax highlighting and code completion. It's not a full IDE but it gets the job done. I wouldn't use it for everyday coding, but it gets the job done.

    I use the virtual server for managing version control and running things like Grunt to build my assets, and edit files right on my iPad.
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    Mine is made by Devstar Apps. I got the pro version for free (not sure if it still is) so I hope the free one still has good features included
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