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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by miketcool, May 17, 2006.

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Can anybody remember the last time a PC company created such a buzz in the design world? Here it is, the 21st century, a time when many think monumentalism is dead. Guess again. In Midtown this week, Apple will unveil another modern design masterpiece with a new flagship store open 24/7 in the heart of tourism. The black coverings on the building are iconic of the company itself and echo the Ka'ba in Mecca.

    The brilliance in the design is its simplicity. A cube gives you perfect proportions and a seamless façade. By that, I mean, whatever side you are standing on, you get the same building. You cannot help but remember the building because its repeated on all sides.

    Further still is the resurrection of monumentalism. It stands as a testament to time. Like a pyramid, it is perfect. It invokes something deep within our biological coding. Kahn saw this, no, felt this and used it. Simple geometry is beautiful in itself, and if used correctly within context, creates complex lighting and emotional energy.

    Midtown is an excellent location. It's not hidden in another setting were it would blend into the wallpaper of trendy design like SoHo. Nor is it hidden in the diverse night activity of Time Square. It stands erected here. It feels permenent. It cannot be ignored. People from the NYC area will use it. Tourist will have to stop in. Critics will squabble over it. Foreigners will marvel at it. Us in the design field HAVE noticed it. The rest will HEAR about it.

    The 21st century is about good design. It can be done cheaply and it can enhance lives. IKEA has the mantra, so should Apple. Good design is everywhere nowadays. As simple as this building may look, it is far more complex. Again I repeat: When was the last time another computer manufaturer/software maker, created such a stir in the design community like this?

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