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Oct 24, 2011
For those in Architecture school what is the best software for doing architecture work on non-retina MBP? The software will be used temporarily for everything from drafting to simple rendering. Do you use Autodesk AutoCad, Architecture, Revit, or something else? Is it better to use the Mac version or use the Windows version in Bootcamp? It appears the student version is free for most if not all of these Autodesk titles; does the student version limit lines, drawing size, or place a water mark on the sides of any sheet?


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May 11, 2012
You can download and use Vectorworks Education (Nemetschek) for free.
I'm an architect BTW


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Feb 20, 2013
Montana, and Oregon
Personally i use Google SketchUp and Rhinoceros on OSX. On my Bootcamp side I run AutoDesk Revit Architecture and 3DS Max. Revit and 3DS Max need the windows side, where as SketchUp and Rhino do not. However the Rhinoceros Mac Version is somewhat limited, I haven't found its limits yet. All of these programs I have for free through student downloads or free versions. AutoDesk Revit and 3DS Max are limited in the fact it prints large black bar watermarks on the edges of your sheets, other than that i dont know what limitations it has.
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