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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pb1300, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Ive been here before regarding problems with my iMac, so Im going to run the Archive & Install option soon, and I had a couple of questions. First off, I am backing up my iTunes and iPhoto library to an external drive just in case. So:

    1. Do 3rd party apps need to be re-installed? If so, can I just drag them into my external drive, then just drag them back after?

    2. Will iTunes still have my playlists/top rated songs, or do I have to do that all over again?

    I noticed the preserve option, so I see that I can back keep a lot of stuff like my favorites and whatnot, I am just looking for some suggestions or tips as far as what to do. The apps are not terribly important, but my photos and music is. Thanks for the help!
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    Archive and Install *just* replaces the system files. All of your personal stuff will be left untouched (meaning EVERYTHING, including even the little things, like your playlists, etc).

    Archive and Install also reinstalls the apps on your computer, but moves all the previous apps to a folder called "Previous Systems". If you go in there, you'll find your apps are still there. Most likely, you can just move your apps out of that folder, and put them back into your Applications folder.

    The preserve option you mentioned is mainly just for saving the network settings. It's a good idea to keep it checked.

    Note all of these things may change when Snow Leopard comes out next month.

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