ARD 3.9.2 update broke my screen sharing

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  1. ColdCase, Mar 26, 2017
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    ColdCase macrumors 68030

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    I've been using Apple Remote Desktop Client running on a 10.11.6 machine to log in and share the screen of my headless mini server which is running 10.9.5

    I installed the 3.9.2 ARD client update today and it broke the screen share. I can log into the mini from the 10.11 machine but it seems that the throughput is so low such that there is much pixilation and delay. Not usable

    The client running on my 10.9.5 laptop continues to log into the mini and works just fine.

    What can I do to fix this? I've read about removing the 3.9 ARD (in the remote management folder in core services) and replacing it with version 3.7 or so but, not being that computer literate, the mac says I can't remove 3.9 because the OS needs it. 3.7 won't install because the newer 3.9 is there.

    I suppose I could revert using a time machine backup, but before going through that drill I thought I'd check in here first. It may be easier for me just to find another solution.
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    Are all computers running version 3.9 of ARD? If not, try upgrading to that and see what happens.
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    In ARD -> Preferences, click on Security. Make sure, that 'Allow communication with older clients (less secure)' is checked. See if that helps.
  4. ColdCase, Apr 5, 2017
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    Thanks, I couldn't find security in ARD-> preferences but played around a bit in the screen share settings. Screen sharing view was set to the "adaptive quality" (default perhaps?). I changed that to full quality and it is working much better.

    My laptop has been set to full quality all along. Dunno when the nMP screen share got set to adaptive.

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