ARDS: Require password after sleep/screen saver begins


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Jun 9, 2011
Does anyone know how to implement Requiring passwords after 'x' amount of time after sleep or screen saver begins for multiple computers using Apple Remote Desktop?

If this requires terminal commands, please supply :)


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Aug 27, 2015
on the land line mr. smith.
No they aren’t. How can that be done?

The preferred method would be with a profile. Apple assumes you have access to Profile Manager, which is part of Server....which allows managing lots of Macs as was mentioned.

Profile Manager and Server allow very automated ways of managing Macs and iOS devices, but it is complex, and requires alot of setup and a fairly big learning curve. Worth doing, but not a quick fix for anybody new to it. You will want your server, and a few test machines, and at least a few days to get comfortable; could be more like weeks depending on lots of variables, including complexity of tasks and your comfort/experience level.

There are other ways, including via manually created/edited profiles, but that is tedious and challenging at best...not for beginners.

There is a handy open source tool that makes it easy to create profiles: ProfileCreator Once you have the profile created and tested, you can push them out via ARD or your weapon of choice. You can litterly drop the profile on the admin desktop, and install manually with a double click....for the easiest (and least automated) method.

A much easier way to run software updates, including pushing out profiles and preferences would be to use the open source Munki.
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