Are all first release Apple products shipped from China?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by KauaiBruce, Apr 6, 2015.

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    I usually get my phones from AT&T so have never noticed how Apple handles the initial supply. Will there be a million watches already in the USA for the initial shipments or is it all being stored in warehouses in China to be released?

    It will be fun to see the first unboxing because THAT will get the guys out who figure out how many watches are on each plane. :rolleyes:
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    With the past few iDevice gens some units were shipped ahead of launch to warehouses for ground delivery on lauch day while additional units were drop shipped from China direct to purchaser.
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    Yes as already mentioned over the past few years some new iOS device launches have shipped directly from China and some have already been in local warehouses. Also it does sometimes depend on the country too. For example for any particular device it might be different in the UK to the U.S. That has also happened in the past.

    There is no way of knowing until the preorder is done and there is information about estimated delivery. That said on Apple's site it seems to indicate online preorders will be delivered on the 24th. On the other hand preorders start on the 10th giving Apple ample time to have them shipped from China before the launch day.
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