Are Bluetooth Mice up to par now?


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Hey Everyone,

I am looking to get a bluetooth mouse soon. Im not the biggest fan of the apple mouse because I personally don't like how it fits to my hand. I like logitech mice alot, their nano ones are nice. My only question is that theres some issues with bluetooth mice awaking from sleep mode.

The reason why I'd prefer bluetooth is so I can always have the two usb ports open on my macbook. I have a usb hub but I don't want to take it anywhere.

Any reccomendations? :confused:


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Jan 15, 2009
Oporto, Portugal
I had logitech v470 and razer orochi and they lag and jump after a few seconds of inactive.

For now I´m staying with the magic mouse, it fails on the ergonomic field but don´t have this issues.

With BetterTouchTool app you can assign a lot of gestures for exposé, show desktop, etc.
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