iPhone Are Chinese jailbreakers smarter than American jailbreakers?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by eprisencc, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Sep 15, 2014
    Well there is one thing that is not being discussed and that is are Chinese jailbreakers smarter than American ones? The last two jailbreaks have been released by Chinese groups and they have been released fairly quickly after an iOS update release comes out. They don't make excuses like having to wait for the next release of iOS to use an exploit like American jailbreakers do. They just find a new exploit when an update comes out. I think for the foreseeable future we may see future jailbreaks continue to come from the Chinese because quite frankly, they are better at it.
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    Are Chinese threadstarters smarter than American threadstarters?
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    You ask a question in your first sentence and proceed to answer your own question in the last sentence.

    Why bother with this thread?
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    We no longer have the know how to manufacture devices like tvs and phones in America. Apple does design the phone and are among the few premium companies we have left in America (Google, Microsoft, Exxon, etc). But if everything is designed and manufactured in China and India, why would we think that we are going to remain the best as an industrialized nation when we do not make anything anymore. Jailbreaking is a microcosm of the current trend among countries like China, Japan, and India. They do things better than Americans now.

    I think it's food for thought on how we are falling behind other countries. Maybe if we had a global economic system built on cooperation instead of fostering competition then this would likely not be a topic for conversation.
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    Pretty sure its because DCMA prevents reverse engineering of code in the US, so many won't in fear of prosecution and lawsuits. China is the Wild West, good luck enforcing anything.
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    I don't know the specifics so hopefully someone can chime in, but I believe there are some potential vulnerabilities or avenues for exploits that may be illegal to use in the United States (software code copyright infringement or something similar to it) but not in other countries (a.k.a. China). This would make it easier for someone outside of United States' jurisdiction to be able to create a jailbreak.
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    Isn't half the evaders European? Not sure how Americans got the title of being the only iOS jailbreakers... :/
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    Pretty sure your correct!
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    Sounds like an excuse.


    How about if I said the West instead? That would include Europe and America. Germany is the exception since they are like the world's third greatest economy. They also still believe in innovation and supporting their workforce with living wages.
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    The Daily Kos is down the hall, last door on the left.
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    Workers getting a living wage is partisan? It's the one thing that shouldn't be partisan but wars are nonpartisan.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Why you gotta start racial tensions between us and our Chinese people:D
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    what do you mean OUR Chinese people? :D
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    Good lord.

    It's not racial—it's socioeconomic.

    The Chinese jailbreaking teams are organized as companies—and they have a direct fiscal incentive to work that way because of the way app stores work in China. There's big money to be had getting alternative app stores on iOS.

    American jailbreaking emerges from a hobbyist/hacker movement, and there are no actual teams—people are all lone wolves working on their own, in some cases sharing information with others.

    This doesn't mean we won't see any more American jailbreaks—we have seen many times that one person can do a lot in this scene.

    I feel like this is all pretty obvious. It's interesting to talk about the differences—but they have nothing to do with race and work ethic.
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    From what I understand North American jailbreakers have a harder time because they have to find and create code without violating Apple's copyrights. The Chinese don't need to worry about it as much.
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    We all saw how George Hotz got sued by sony after publishing his ps3 exploit.
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    Yea saying the West would be much better since that is a fairer comparison.


    I think I agree with this statement. Not sure how Pangu and Taig created their exploits but this has been an issue in the past for sure. Even Pangu's iOS 7 jailbreak had an exploit that the evaders new about for years but never used it. I think it was related to the enterprise certificate exploit where you had to set your time to something in the past.
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    It's not an excuse. It wouldn't be all that difficult for Apple to track down the US-based evasion team and get them for copyright infringement. China, good luck.
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    That has nothing to do with know how. Every post of yours is so flawed and based on incorrect assumptions that it's impossible to have any sort of meaningful discussion.
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    I think it's simply due to the way the educational system is. Not race.
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    What's flawed about my argument? The only thing we still manufacture are cars and it's debatable if our cars are better than the Japanese. Everyone is so afraid of Amearica's decline but it's coming and it's inevitable.
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    intelligence = manufacturing output

    ...got it.

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