Are DSL modems universal or specific to DSLAM?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by bbarnhart, Apr 13, 2003.

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    Jan 16, 2002
    I live in a rural area that has had DSL in the small town about 2 miles away. I never qualified for DSL until the phone company made some upgrades. I looked again at the price for DSL and they want $8.50 a month for the DSL modem rental or I can buy and unit from them for $250.

    I was told that I could buy my own DSL modem and the ones they sell are Next Level etherset. I can't find this "modem" on ebay or at any retail site. Is it possible to buy any DSL modem or do I need a specific one that matches their technology. Thanks.
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    Jul 15, 2002
    Re: Are DSL modems universal or specific to DSLAM?

    I have no expirience with DSL modems, but I do with cable modems. I imagine that most work in a very similar manner, as I have seen several different types of modems on the Roadrunner network. However, here is how you actually get online (VERY simplified):

    1. Your modem connects to the designated server to get the date/time and the configuration file. The config file determines the maximum level for uploads/downloads for your modem.
    2. The ISP's server allows only specified MAC (has nothing to do with macintosh) Adresses to connect to their servers. So, if you have a modem with an unauthorized MAC adress, then you cannot connect to the ISP's servers to send/recieve data.

    Basically, your modem connects to the ISP's servers which actually act like proxies to the internet. So in a way, your entire area is like one big LAN.

    This, of course, is specifically for cable modems, more specifically the Road Runner ISP. DSL modems may be different.
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    Re: Are DSL modems universal or specific to DSLAM?

    There are some differences between DSL equipment. It is very possible to get DSL Adapters (Modems) that won't work with your phone ocmpanies setup.

    So be careful in what you buy.

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