Are Factory Plug ins different for 002 and Mbox2??

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by dougens, Sep 25, 2008.

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Spec: Macbook Pro / intel core duo / tiger 10.4.11 / 2gb ram / 2.33ghz

    I have just bought an Mbox2 factory and also have an old 002 rack (but this will not be with me for some weeks as i have moved)

    when i installed the plug ins (both sets i.e. 002 factory and Mbox factory) it states, as it does on the digidesign website, that the following plug ins are available with 002 factory:
    # Bomb Factory BF-3A
    # moogerfooger Ring Modulator
    # moogerfooger Analog Delay
    # SansAmp PSA-1
    # Cosmonaut Voice
    # D-Fi
    # Maxim
    # Tel-Ray Variable Delay
    # Voce Spin
    # Voce Chorus/Vibrato

    and only the following are available with the mbox factory:
    # moogerfooger Analog Delay
    # Cosmonaut Voice
    # Digidesign Maxim

    does this mean that i can only use the above five plug ins with an mbox?
    it seems a bit mad as i will be using my 002 when it arrives for most things and bought the mbox to record/mix on the move so i need all the listed plug ins to be available from my previous mixes with the 002!
    i.e. if i use the moogerfooger analogue delay with the 002 will this be available on the mbox?

    when i registered my ilok it only comes up with the 5 registered plug ins for the Mbox.
    also when i open pro tools with the mbox it states that the other plug ins only available on the 002 need to be authorised.

    thanks for any help and sorry if a simple question.

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