Are InvisibleSHIELD's really that hard to install?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by daveishere, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Dec 2, 2008

    Basically i've had my iPhone 3G since november last year and have had a number of different cases:

    Griffin Case (only used for a few days cause i thought it was a horrible case)
    Incase Slider
    Contour Flick (liked this because it had the least amount of bulk of all my cases)
    Switcheasy CapsuleNeo (liked this because of the amount of protection it offered).

    I recently bought a full body IS using the 50% off code someone posted on this forum, which made the full body IS cost around £8 (around $14 ?). Since waiting for this product, i have read and viewed installations of this product, with the overall message being that they are a b**ch to install.

    I only plan on using the back cover of my IS, because i have a power support crystal on there which is doing a fantastic job of protecting my iPhone.

    How hard are these to actually install? Im pretty good at installing screen protectors becuase i was able to apply my power support with no bubbles or imperfections, but is it a similar thing to install to this?

    Also, i have seen in the install videos that a soapy liquid need to be sprayed onto the IS before it is installed on the iPhone. As i will only be putting on the back part of the IS, is this relatively easy? as the only holes i will need to worry about protecting are the dock connector, speakers and headphone ports (maybe power button).

    Also, the videos say that i have to squeegee the bubbles out of the IS when it is correctly in place on the phone. This surely means that the installation liquid will seep out the sides of the IS leaving the IS without any liquid. If this is the case, why are drying techniques used to finish of IS installation?


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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi Dave,

    If you read my previous post, I must say the IS back is really hard to install - since it takes more time, always needs to be wet, always clean so no lint will get trapped under, and you need to be careful of the docks. You need to protect the headphone port and dock connector mostly.

    I just installed mine last Tuesday, and the hardest part like everyone said was the corners. I didn't use the squegee, I just used my fingers to push out the liquid and it worked out fine. Basically prepare 45minutes at least for this application.

    I only used a tissue paper to dampen out the excess liquid while I was applying it. Make sure camera hole is aligned TOGETHER with the volume control, headphone port and the film is covering mostly the chrome bezel on the right & left side (I found out later my IS shield doesn't cover the entire bezel on neither left & right, only 1/2-3/4 of it)

    I can say the process is time-consuming, as you can easily align the center when it is wet (plus your hands needs to be washed, clean, & wet) when you do the corners, like the video says, wait 10-15mins before doing the "palm" technique. That's why this application takes forever, you need to be patient on all four corners but once you're good, just LAY it down don't even place it in a case yet or in a dock (that was my bad, placed it in PS clear jacket but I fixed it) Let it dry for 12-24hrs like what they suggest and eventually in 2-3 days all the bubbles will disappear, indeed.

    Oh yes I do have the Neo too, sometimes I put it on, sometimes I remove it because my iPhone now has an IS shield so I'm happy about this setup.
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    Jun 17, 2008
    I have butchered 4 different backs. The corners take alot of time and attention. I finally found a kiosk in the middle of the Stonebriar mall in Dallas Texas and they did a wonderful job. I told myself every time that this was the one and I always ended up screwing it up. Good Luck
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    take your time

    if you don't have the patience to sit there for 30-60 minutes ( it takes a while for the corners to tack down completely) then don't attempt the install

    It's all about the corners

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