Are iPhone "Refurbished" (or whatever Apple calls them) replacements practically new?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KH8756, Dec 24, 2009.

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    HI. I have an iPhone 3G S, and I'm going to take it to my local Apple Store to get a replacement phone. My iPhone 3G S has a mild screen imperfection. Anyways I have digged around the Internet googling what the difference between "Refurbished" replacement iPhones (in those generic white boxes) and BRAND NEW iPhones are. I read in a few places that "Refurbished" iPhones used for replacements, are identical to brand new iPhones. I read that these units are usually iPhones with used parts (or I think parts from other unwanted iPhones-the ones that have been returned either because the customer didn't want it, or because there was something wrong with it). Meaning they are not exactly brand new but there isn't much difference between a brand new iPhone and a refurbished (I don't think Apple actually calls them Refurbished, but rather a different name). Now I am not 100% sure about that. I personally would choose a brand new iPhone over a "Refurbished" as a replacement any day. My question is. Is what I read, about how these refurbished units are virtually the same as brand new units, true? And also is there ANY way, I could get my iPhone replaced with a brand new iPhone in the regular black boxes? If there is, do you think I should go through the trouble and get my iPhone replaced with a brand new iPhone? Or is it really not worth it? Also, for the people that have received "Refurbished" units. Are they EXACTLY like new iPhones, as far as looks and functionality goes? How many of you would go try and get a Brand new iPhone as a replacement, if there was something wrong with your iPhone, and why? Thank you!
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    Thanks for the link. There was a really helpful post in that thread. However I made this post, because I had a couple other questions. But thank you anyways. Anyone else?
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    Use paragraphs next time please.

    I think another word Apple uses is 'refreshed' perhaps? But I'm not sure.

    Anyways, these refurbished phones are 100x better than brand new phones, plus... why should you get a brand new phone when you give them a used one? They refurbs go through a thorough inspection to ensure quality service. Don't be turned off by the 'refurbished' name.

    Be happy you're getting quality service, compared to the other companies out there.
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    Sorry, forgot to use paragraphs XD. I'm now convinced that those replacement iPhones in white boxes are just as good as brand new ones. They look, feel, and work the same, plus the chances of one of them being faulty in any way is lower than of the brand new ones. Thanks for your reply.
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    +1. However, I've only heard them called "refurbished" and this is the term they use in the Apple Store online. Refurbs have a brand new case and battery. They ARE essentially new. Also, as said, they get more attention than the "new" of the factory phones you get. In my experience, I've had two refurbs after returning a new phone that had a head jack issue (always though the head phones were plugged in). The first refurb had a wifi issue, which even the new phones had. I returned it for my current phone, which is perfect.

    The rumor you heard that phones had used parts or even used cases are from the "refurbs" you get from AT&T. Don't get one from them, since there are accounts out there that they just take returned phones and give them to the next buyer. Only get refurbs from Apple, IMO.
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    Refurbished products from Apple are better than new. I'm a huge fan of buying refurbished Macs.
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    I think the term Apple uses is Apple Certified Reconditioned Product. The only "refurb" I'd consider would be one of these, packed and sealed in an Apple box by Apple, usually in Cupertino. You shouldn't be able to tell the difference between one of these and a new one, plus unlike a lot of other companies that only offer 90 days warranty on factory "refurbs," Apple treats them like they're brand new, with the same warranty as a new product. At least that's the way it works with the Macs. I bought an official refurb Macbook Pro, and it was eligible for AppleCare just like a new one. Great deals, so don't worry.
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    yea its the same with iphones, they go with the original warranty that it came with from new

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