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Are my Earpods Faulty?


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Original poster
May 20, 2011
Wales, UK
I've had my Earpods for well over 6 months now & have been extremely happy with them - until now.

I've noticed that over the past few days/weeks I've been having to up the volume on my iPod. And I have now just noticed that it is louder if I put my ear up to the 'front vent' or 'rear vent'. If there was more than one audio driver in each bud I would assume that the 'primary acoustic outlet' driver had blown - but AFAIK there's only one in each bud.

Any ideas on what the issue is here?



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Oct 21, 2009
Tampa Area, FL
Got ear wax stuck in the primary outlet? You don't happen to have your finger over the primary outlet when you put your ear up to the front or rear vent, do you?
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