Are my text messages backed up to iCloud?

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Lifetimechaldo, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Oct 10, 2012
    I am trying to run a do a fresh install of iOS and then restore from an icloud backup after. I was told by a genius bar rep that this may fix a battery drain bug that has been happening. He said that the iTunes backup I usually run will not work bc if you do an iTunes backup, it saves the entire iOS while iCloud backup only saves the data on top of iOS.

    So am bought the $0.99 plan to back up my phone to icloud. It seemed to work, but I am not sure if my iMessage and other text messages are backup up. When I his icloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage -> This iPhone, it says that the only documents and data that are backed up are iBooks and Notes. Shouldn't iMessage be on here?
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    Aug 30, 2016
    I believe it does back up I haven't my 4S since 2011
  3. KALLT, Sep 4, 2016
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    The settings only show the things that you can optionally exclude from backups. Messages are always included. If you want to be extra sure, make an iTunes backup too (and encrypted one). I am not sure what the Genius said, but iTunes does not back up the entire OS either, just the content that is not tied to an account (iCloud, email) and the content that you originally synced with iTunes. You can see the differences here.

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